Saturday, May 20, 2017

My milkshake's better than yours

Gun-control freak Rep. Val Demins, D-Fla., apparently believes that different rules apply to members of Congress when it comes to Constitutional rights. The former police chief of Orlando once had her duty pistol stolen from her unlocked vehicle and was officially reprimanded. Naturally, this has done nothing to cool her gun-control ardor, naturally directed at responsible, legal gun owners.

When she posted on her Facebook page about her anti-Second Amendment stance, she got a little pushback, and her response was informative:
When a commenter asked Demings if they ever found her stolen handgun and suggested that she be more responsible with her own firearms before talking about gun control for others, Demings offered a peculiar reply:
Screenshot via Facebook
Different how? I missed that part in the Constitution. Of course, this is how liberal Democrats think -- they are born to rule, and you are born to serve. So shut the fuck up because their rights are different than yours. Obviously, you have not considered the awesome transcendence of  Rep. Deming's First Amendment rights:

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