Saturday, May 6, 2017

More farming

I went to The Farm again earlier this week, just to check on things. Things are popping. The peppers, which I just put in, are doing well:

The peas are going gangbusters:

The spinach volunteers from last fall are getting massive, and the spinach we planted this spring is coming in nicely:

Lettuce and radishes also are coming in well:

The first crop of beans are up:

Lettuce and cauliflower also going well:

As is the broccoli:

The brussel sprouts are doomed, but they are thriving at the moment:

We have a bed with swiss chard, some kind of lettuce and kale volunteers that is doing well:

The garlic is coming in, along with some parsnip volunteers:

The potatoes are busting:

As are the onions:

As you can see, we have lots of crops in the ground this year. I look forward to harvest, and I also have more to report in a week or so on new crops.

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