Sunday, March 10, 2013

Amazing what a libtard can teach you

I have a friend who is, unfortunately, really fucking liberal. Way out there. Tough to talk to sometimes, but surprisingly reasonable most of the time. So, when I noted that I did not know the companies associated with the C or the I in this bumper sticker"

she promptly got on the interwebs and found the answer. The C, apparently is Colt:

while the I is Ithaca, maker of the famous shotguns:

The Ithaca logo in the Coexist sticker is dotted by the guy on a horse, the log of Winchester. Ithaca does not own Winchester, so I have corrected that part of this post. So there you have it.

The moral of the story is, why stop being lazy if somebody else will do you work for you?


northierthanthou said...

Makes a rather compelling argument against capitalism. said...

Unfortunately, if we all get lazy and let other people do our work for us, we quickly run out of other people's money and are all not only poor, but starving. Which is a compelling argument in favor of gun ownership.