Thursday, March 28, 2013

This ought to scare you

Does it seem like I am trying to scare temps into leaving Temp Town for other, greener pastures? There's a reason for that. I am. It's "Amityville Horror" time, people: get out.

Why do I say this (other than the fact that the industry is dying around us)? Try this one on: there is an agency in town that is
currently recruiting college graduates for a document review project starting on Wednesday, March 27th or Thursday, March 28th in Washington, DC. 
* Location -- Downtown Washington, DC 
* Pay Rate -- $21/hr 
* Duration - 2-3 weeks 
* Hours -- 40 hours per week 
Set aside the short duration and no overtime. Ignore, if you can, the ludicrously low pay. Please note the part I put in bold and italics: currently recruiting college graduates. Anybody scared by that? Maybe this isn't a legal review (possible). Maybe the client only cares if a single word appears in a document, and so no legal judgment is required (also possible, and even scarier, since that describes a lot of projects). The point is, an animal never before seen in nature -- a document review that requires no law degree -- has been spotted. We're fucked.

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