Saturday, March 16, 2013

Don't try to comfort me -- it's too soon

Sure, there have been iconic Packers players who went to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Despite the fact that we hate the Helgas, it happens. We don't have to like it, but it happens. When Darren Sharper put on the purple, it was bad. When Ryan Longwell headed northwest to Minnesota, that was bad, too. When Robert Ferguson took off the green and gold to go play for Minnesota, I got to admit, that didn't really bother me. He was marginal, after all. When Bret Favre went to the Vikings by way of New York, I didn't like it, but he had already made his bed.

But this is bad. I mean really bad. We were in the hunt to re-sign Greg Jennings, and he signed with the Vikings. They took him to dinner on the first date and he wound up going home with them. I realize there is no loyalty in the NFL, which stands for Not For Long. If Jennings weren't any good any more, the Packers would cut him in a heartbeat. As it is, the Vikings simply offered more money than we did. (Yes, I own shares in the Packers and can say "we.") It was just business, and Jennings did what was best for him. I'm still sad. I'll just sit here quietly for a while.We'll talk later.

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