Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walking in a winter wonderland

OK, so it is no longer winter, calendar-wise. This is my fault somehow? Sunday night we got some snow. We apparently did not get enough snow to cancel work, unlike the day a couple weeks ago when we got almost no snow but got enough to cancel work. Anyway, this was worse than that, but we still worked. Not complaining -- we work, I get paid. I like it. Anyway, Mrs. Wolves took some pictures of the snow. She took way more pictures than I would have, but I compensate by ignoring most of the pictures she took. It balances out.

 I just hope my crocuses survive.

Jeb the Wonder Dog explores.
 My back yard.

Looking out the front.
 Jeb the Wonder Dog, desperately seeking deer to herd.

I think Mrs. Wolves was feeling a little arty.

Out my kitchen window.

Tulips, desperate to survive.

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