Sunday, March 3, 2013

OMG! Sequester!

So, we're in Day 3 of the sequester, I guess. I'm afraid to leave the house because Barry told me none of the traffic lights will work or all the cops will be laid off or airplanes will be crashing all around me or something like that. I can't remember, because I wasn't listening. Why not? Because of horseshit like this:

I guess Maxine doesn't know that there are only about 155 million Americans in the workforce to begin with, and that a shit load of them already don't have jobs. Apparently, all of the rest of us will be losing our jobs soon, and some of us will have to lose our jobs twice, I guess, to reach the level of job loss Maxine is calling for. This wouldn't be quite so pathetic if it weren't so predictable. And guess how much the media covered it? Mainstreams much? No. When I did my Google search, I came up with lots of hits for this, but not a single one from the Lamestream Media. No ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times,  Washington Post. None of them. Put words this stupid in the mouth of a Republican and watch the media light up. Shit, they tried to roast Marco Rubio for taking a drink of water. Idiocy like this from a libtard? Crickets. At least Leno noticed.

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