Sunday, October 11, 2015

Against all odds, The Farm continues to produce

Some of the summer crops are still producing, and the winter crops are starting to put out, as well. Farmer and Mrs. Tom invited Mrs. Wolves by for dinner Friday night, and served up a meal that consisted largely of produce from The Farm, including this broccoli:

They steamed the broccoli and stir-fried some other vegetables, including the bell pepper here:

Well, I went by the next day, Saturday, and the peppers were doing quite well:

Despite a deer-protector failure, caused primarily by my forgetting to turn them back on last weekend, the peas survived a deer attack:

The carrots, also munched on a little by the deer, also survived:

Radishes still doing well:

As is the spinach, which we continue to harvest:

More broccoli is on the way. Next weekend, we should get several heads:

As it is, this week I harvested the last of the beans, a bunch of peppers, some carrots and some radishes:

All in all, pretty pleased with the produce production this year.

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