Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stealth kitty

Cpl. Wolves came by the other day, and naturally he spent some time snuggling with his animals. Here he is with Sadie the Ball-Warming Dog and Mischief:

I'm sorry, whose disembodied tail is that in the picture above? Yeah, she stuck her head out a little later -- it was Murder, who didn't want to be left out:

Mrs. Wolves has given me a bazillion kitty pictures in the last day or two. I'll probably be posting a lot of them because I haven't been posting much lately and cheap posts are better than none. I haven't been posting much lately because Temp Town is giving me no material, and I am in a quandary about how much I should just give up on Temp Town as a source of blog material. I'll let you know how that internal argument comes out. In the meantime, enjoy the kitty posts.

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