Sunday, October 18, 2015

We been busy down on The Farm

There was a freeze warning on for last night, and again for tonight, so I had to get busy on The Farm. I figured I better harvest at least all the peppers. First I had to survey what is going on. The second-crop peas are doing OK, but might not make it to peahood if the weather turns cold early:

The habaneros and other peppers have been pumping it out all summer, and they continue:

Also true for the banana peppers:

 These are called "garden salsa hot peppers," so I guess that's what they are, but they've been doing well:

These are sweet peppers called Cubanelles, and they also have produced well:

The late crop spinach is really close to harvest:

Some of the first-crop broccoli is ready:

And the second-crop broccoli is getting there:

First-crop peas are putting out flowers and pods:

With a freeze warning, though, it was time to harvest everything I could. I brought in the radishes, but left the carrots -- they're in the ground and should be OK. Same was true for the radishes, I guess, but they were ready for harvest. I brought in the serranos and the habaneros:

I brought in the Cubanelles:

Harvested some broccoli:

Saw that the first-crop peas are starting to put out pods, but left them on the vine:

The harvest bin was getting full:

It got fuller:

These are hot peppers that I don't even know the name of:

So many banana peppers, which are sweet and probably won't go into the hot sauce in the numbers they produced, so I have to find something else to do with them:

A few bell peppers, even this late in the season:

Yeah, Cubanelles:

Even this late in the season, you can see that the serranos are still flowering and putting out peppers. I left the little ones on the vine:

Farmer Tom got home while I was harvesting, and we put tarps over the beds to help keep them from freezing. Today, we replaced the tarps with translucent plastic, so the plants could get some sun. Once the temperature is back up -- probably after Monday -- I will go ahead and free the beds, see what we get going forward. Fingers crossed.

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