Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Meanwhile, back at The Farm

Before the Packers game Sunday, I took a quick trip to The Farm. Farmer Tom and I -- he's back from his Appalachian Trail adventure -- discussed winterizing plans and crops for next year, and evaluated what we have still in the field. The first-crop broccoli looks excellent, and some heads are almost ready to harvest:

Right next to the first-crop broccoli is the spinach, which finally came in and is now providing salads:

The peppers continue to produce at a ridiculous rate, although the dropping temperatures mean I probably will have to harvest soon and end the pepper crop. I'll get a lot of ground pepper and hot sauce out of this bed, though:

The second-crop broccoli and the cauliflower also are doing well. We'll see if we can get a harvest in before the first frost:

Same goes for the peas, which are now flowering. Harvest before frost? I don't know:

And, of course, I managed to harvest quite a bit. Mostly peppers, but also the tail end of the green bean harvest. Next weekend, those plants come out. I think the beans are done:

As we near the end of the growing season, I have to say that, except for the tomatoes, this has been a pretty good year. Next year -- CORN!

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