Monday, October 26, 2015

Can we please retire this term?

I'm not sure where I read it, but years ago I saw a reference that contended that once a slang term appeared in advertising, it was hopelessly out of date and definitely not cool. I have no reason to doubt this, and I have recent support for this theory. The term I am hoping that advertisers will stop using is "the fam." I've heard it recently in advertisements for two different companies, which shall remain nameless. They should be embarrassed.

I suppose I understand the use of "the fam." After all, it is slang shorthand for "people to whom I am related by marriage or blood, including people to whom I am related because they are the offspring of myself and the person to whom I am wed as well as other people to whom I am related by marriage or blood through more distant relationships." I mean, who wants to say that every time they are attempting to reference "the fam?"

Oh, wait, that isn't what it is short for? You're saying that "the fam" is short for "the family," and is intended to refer to the people related to you living under your roof, such as your spouse and children? Well, that makes it a really stupid slang term. The fact that advertising firms think it is still cool slang should be all the evidence anyone needs that it is even stupider than that. It is a pointless abreviation of an already-brief word. So shut the fuck up already. The companies using it in their advertising know who they are. And no, I won't use your services. So shut it.

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