Friday, February 12, 2016

Crushed like bugs

I don't know why these folks thought they could get away with this except to say that temps always think they are smarter than everyone. Let me explain.

This project is being run at three sites -- one in Los Angeles (where, as near as I can tell, everyone is stupid) and two in D.C. At one of the D.C. locations (not the one I am at), a project started up at a law firm across the street recently. Apparently, a number of people at the other D.C. location were unable to resist the temptation to bill two projects at the same time. These folks signed up for the other project, and then shuttled back and forth across the street to work both projects. I assume they billed full hours to both projects, meaning they were double-billing. Otherwise, all you are doing is giving up overtime hours on both projects. I doubt they were doing that.

This kind of behavior makes no sense to me. Sure, you might haul in a couple thousand extra dollars, but you might also get your law license in DC suspended (or you might get disbarred!) and not be able to make any money as a lawyer in this town, at least for a while. Why do that?

Anyway, I have no idea how many people got whacked, but it apparently was more than one.I doubt any Uber fucks will cut me some slack, but at least I'll have this song in my head:

Good times, good times.

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