Monday, February 22, 2016

I think the bridge over Lake Linganore has a fundamental problem

As I reported back in August, the county is building a new bridge on Boyers Mill Road across Lake Linganore, taking a pretty good horseshoe curve out of the road. In August, things looked like this:

Looking bridge-like, but clearly far from done. Now, a fair amount of progress has been made, although I don't think we're anywhere near done:

Also, I notice a key problem that will limit the usefulness of this bridge at first. Look at the right side of the bridge:

Connecting the new bridge to the roadway is going to require taking out the old bridge, meaning that we will essentially have a one-lane bridge on a busy road for an indeterminate amount of time. Should be fund. I would say I'm sure they have a plan to deal with this, but we're talking about government here, so the plan probably is, hey, why don't you stupid tax-paying fucks just deal with a one-lane bridge. Maybe they can fit two lanes to the left. We'll see.

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