Sunday, February 21, 2016

I totally own Central America

Honduras, bitches. Take that. I've been all over Central America, but this is my first visitor from Honduras. Honduras, of course, is best known for getting in a war with El Salvador over a soccer game. Of course, Honduras underwent a coup at the beginning of the Obama administration, during which Barry chose - - badly:
“The unaccompanied children crossing the border into the United States are leaving behind mainly three Central American countries, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. The first two are among the world’s most violent and all three have deep poverty, according to a Pew Research report based on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) information,” reportsNBC News. “El Salvador ranked second in terms of homicides in Latin America in 2011, and it is still high on the list. Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are among the poorest nations in Latin America. Thirty percent of Hondurans, 17 percent of Salvadorans and 26 percent of Guatemalans live on less than $2 a day.”
The fact that Honduras is the biggest source of the exodus jumped out at me. That’s because, in 2009, the United States government — under President Obama — tacitlysupported a military coup that overthrew the democratically elected president of Honduras. “Washington has a very close relationship with the Honduran military, which goes back decades,” The Guardian noted at the time. “During the 1980s, the US used bases in Honduras to train and arm the Contras, Nicaraguan paramilitaries who became known for their atrocities in their war against the Sandinista government in neighbouring Nicaragua.”
Honduras wasn’t paradise under President Manuel Zelaya. Since the coup, however, the country has entered a downward death spiral of drug-related bloodshed and political revenge killings that crashed the economy, brought an end to law, order and civil society, and now has some analysts calling it a “failed state” along the lines of Somalia and Afghanistan during the 1990s.
Who could imagine that  Barry would make a shitty foreign policy decision? After all, a guy who always picks the socialist is right, right?

In any event, I'm sure Honduras is nice:
Honduras . . . officially the Republic of Honduras . . . is a republic in Central America. It was at times referred to as Spanish Honduras to differentiate it from British Honduras, which became the modern-day state of Belize.[5] Honduras is bordered to the west byGuatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua, to the south by the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Fonseca, and to the north by the Gulf of Honduras, a large inlet of the Caribbean Sea.
Tourism is important, and the country is right nice looking:

So, go there on vacation, I guess.. Pretty, right?:

We wlecome Honduras with open arms. Everybody, please give Honduras a big Eff You welcome. Come back soon, and bring your friends!

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