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The religion of piece

Considering how "concerned" American feminists claim to be about the "culture of rape" on U.S. college campuses, where FBI statistics indicate the rape rate is lower than for the general population, I wish I could say I was surprised that they don't seem concerned about what largely Muslim immigrants are up to in Europe. Some of these incidents are getting a little old -- around the first of the year -- but they keep on coming, so I decided to go ahead and do a post.

I don't know why they call this a "grooming ring" -- sounds like a child sex slave ring to me:
A teenage girl abused by the Rotherham grooming ring was forced into daily sexual relations with men for years and used as a commodity to settle her abuser’s debts, a court has heard.

The girl, who was in and out of care from the age of 12, was allegedly taken around the country and made to perform sexual acts up to three times a day on different men, becoming pregnant twice, once when she was only 14.

She had just turned 16, and was still in local authority care, when her abuse became a daily occurrence, the jury was told. She terminated the first pregnancy but later gave birth to a boy who was looked after by her mother.

The girl is one of 12 allegedly groomed in a child sexual exploitation ring led by seven people, including two sets of brothers and two women, who between them are accused of 51 counts of abuse including rape, indecent assault, false imprisonment, abduction and procurement of girls for prostitution or for sex with another.
Naturally, they can't refer to the gang as "Muslims," because that would be rude. So they call them "Asian," which is the British press euphemism for Muslim criminals from Pakistan and India. I hope they put them under the jail, but they undoubtedly won't get what they truly deserve.

If these guys had been Anglicans who were distant relatives of Alfred the Great, I don't know how The Guardian would have referred to them -- probably wouldn't have mentioned their religion at all, same as with the Muslims. But they certainly would have referred to them as "Rotherham residents." Give The Guardian some credit -- they seem to have purposely used the "Asians" reference so people would know these were Muslims.  Hat tip to Ace for this one.

It would be nice if that were the only story emerging lately about the "migrant" situation in Europe. Not close. In response to the sexual assault festival in Cologne on New Year's Eve, we get this:
Cologne has beefed up security for the city's annual carnival, after many women suffered sexual assaults and robberies there on New Year's Eve.
The city in western Germany has put 2,500 police officers on the streets for the week-long event.
Germany was shocked by the New Year assaults, largely blamed on migrants. More than 100 women were victims, but the full scale only emerged later.
Separately, police have arrested three suspected Islamist militants in raids.
The raids on flats and offices took place on Thursday in Berlin, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.
The two men and one woman detained are among four suspected of links to the so-called Islamic State group.
Mind you, this is from the BBC, which thinks that Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is pure evil, while the Palestinians, who do not have their own country only because they decided in 1948 they didn't want to live next door to Jews and waited for their Arab brethren to exterminate the Jew scum -- still waiting, by the way --are the salt of the earth, never mind all that terrorism stuff. Not exactly an anti-Muslim news outlet.

And please note the ISIS operatives who slipped in with the innocent freedom-seeking migrants, who just want a little nookie. Even if the women they target aren't interested. What's that? Didn't hear about the rampage of sexual assaults on NYE? Must only read US media, which ignored this:
More than 100 women and girls have come forward with reports of sexual assault and robbery by gangs of men in the German city of Cologne on New Year's Eve.
Victims have described chaos outside the city's main station, as the men carried out dozens of attacks with little apparent response from the authorities.
Correspondents say the identification of the attackers as North African or Arab in appearance has caused alarm in Germany because of the influx of more than a million migrants and refugees in the past year.
You should probably read the whole thing. Of course, don't believe for a second they only assault women:
A 10-year-old boy was so brutally raped by an Iraqi migrant in a swimming pool cubicle that he had to be hospitalised for his injuries.
A lifeguard immediately called an ambulance after the boy went to him in floods of tears, while the Iraqi was entertaining himself by repeatedly jumping off the three-metre diving board.
Police arrested him on the spot at the pool in Vienna, and during an interrogation, he told them that it was a 'sexual emergency' as he had not had sex in four months.
Four months with no sex is a long time, I guess. Who wouldn't slam it to a 10-year-old boy after a drought like that. The story mentions that police are reluctant to release details of such incidents because of sensitivity toward the poor, poor Muslim "migrants. Then they mention stuff like this:
Reports emerged on Facebook and police said they must be sensitive about cases involving migrants, who have 'been through a lot', but that there would be zero-tolerance.
However, police have now officially announced the details of the shocking crime.

Austrian media have also been following another case of a 13-year-old girl who is allegedly repeatedly being raped by her 26-year-old husband, who she married in Syria.
However, the teenager has not spoken against her husband, who is claiming that he has the right to have sex with her after their marriage was consummated, under Islamic law.
If that's zero tolerance, I'd hate to see what Austrian police consider laissez faire.

In all fairness, this next incident involed seven Muslim youths, but only five of them were "migrants" seeking a better life and some of that sweet, sweet unconscious pussy:
HORRIFIC footage has emerged of a group of young men, including five migrants, laughing, dancing and singing in Arabic as they gang rape an unconscious 17-year-old girl.
It is believed the attack happened after the girl passed out after drinking at a party.
One of the rapists later told police: "She can't complain. Women must obey men."
The shocking assault happened in November but was only discovered this week by a teacher at a school in Ostend, Belgium.
A police probe was launched after a 14-year-old boy at the Ostend Technical Institute bragged about a photo of himself dressed in military fatigues and holding a sub-machine gun.
The idiot who had the gun-toting photo on his phone apparently also had a video of the rape that he took with his phone -- presumably, somebody else took over filming while he had his shot at it. Or maybe he did a selfie. I don't know. But this is revealing:
It was reported that during police interrogations only the eldest suspect denied rape, while the others admitted having sex with the girl and even suggested gang rape was normal in other parts of the world. One claimed the girl had consented, but footage showed she was unconscious.
One of them said it -- rape is OK where they come from. It's not an outlier -- the 26-year-old mentioned above said he had a right to bang his 13-year-old bride whenever he wanted, regardless of what she wanted. These are not isolated incidents -- I could go on all day. I don't know why people don't want to admit that a culture that is not at all like Western culture is, in fact, not at all like Western culture. And I really don't know why they want to bring these people in in large numbers, even if the terrorist infiltration concerns were not real. Those concerns are real, but at what point do we stop being accepting of other cultures? Is acceptance of rape as commonplace that point? Maybe not. I'm not hearing cries of outrage from the usual suspects.

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