Friday, February 19, 2016

My shortcomings documented, photographically

The other day, we had a refrigerator repairman coming over because of certain cooling failures. This required us to take pretty much everything out of the freezer and fridge and put it on ice. So we did. The only things supposed to be left in the fridge were things that wouldn't be hurt by being unrefrigerated for an hour or two during the repair visit, and the Canadian bacon, which Mrs. Wolves must have every morning or heads will roll. So Wednesday morning, I got these photos in my email:

 The photo above shows the main body of the fridge. The photo below shows the door racks:

Please note the complete lack of Canadian bacon in either photo. I put it in a cooler. When she called to complain, I was sure I had left it in the fridge. Then I got these pictures. I will never live this down.

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