Thursday, February 4, 2016

This is why we can't have nice things

After several days of people burning popcorn and stinking up the office, yesterday we had a popcorn-burning incident that put all the others to shame. Some dipstick put her popcorn in the microwave and walked away. It damn near caught on fire -- smoke and noxious fumes that linger today. Well, the fumes, anyway. It stinks.

This time it was bad enough that the other office tenants on the floor complained about the stink, and building management expressed concern that future incidents of that magnitude might set off the smoke alarms, which would be, to use a term of art, bad.

Naturally, because some temps are too stupid to make popcorn properly, the email went out letting us know that a popcorn ban was under consideration. What I believe to be an unofficial sign went up on the front of the microwave at issue, instituting a popular ban.

Naturally, the woman at fault, because she is a temp, believes she did nothing wrong. Because she is a temp, she also probably will assume that the unofficial ban, and any official ban that might come down, does not apply to her. Over-under on somebody burning popcorn again is Saturday at 3 pm. It will happen. This is TempTown.

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