Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dear God, farming again?

Yeah, I went on Saturday for a couple of hours, mostly to put water on things as it has not rained much lately -- thunderstorms have mostly missed The Farm. The latest bean crop is doing well:

As are the green onions right next to the beans, although they desperately need weeding:

The first bean crop is nearing harvest time:

The broccoli is on its last legs before final harvest:

We harvested a bunch, but some remains and will come out this weekend, I suspect:

The brussels sprouts are coming along:

Likewise the carrots:

It is getting pretty hot for peas, so I harvested a bunch of those, as well. Maybe one more week before those get the hook:

The good garlic bed is doing well, but needed weeding:

So I weeded it:

I also planted some more cucumber seeds around the squash bed, partly to make up for germination failures:

Also to make up for the not-so-tender attention of deer:

While the squash and zucchini are fenced in, the cucumber plants are not:

Getting some good-sized onions:

Ready to go:

So I harvested three of those, as well:

This is the haul I took home. A bunch of broccoli, an onion, a big freaking carrot, a bunch of peas, both still in the pod and already shelled (in the plastic bag:

Jarred some of the peas Sunday night; the rest we will eat fresh. Things are going well on The Farm.

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