Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Things in Baltimore going about as you might expect

Or at least as you might expect if you are a sentient being. The mayor and the prosecutor largely responsible for the situation clearly didn't see this coming, and the city's residents are paying the price:
Murders surged a staggering 63 percent in 2015, with 344 people killed. This year hasn’t been quite as bad so far, but the murder rate remains abnormally high.
Meanwhile, Baltimore’s police force is shrinking dramatically. According to Blake Neff of the Daily Caller, at the beginning of 2015, Baltimore had 2,805 police officers. By the end of the year, the force was down to 2,634 officers, a drop of 6.1 percent. In June of this year, there were only 2,445 officers in the force, a decline of 6.8 percent since January.
The shrinkage in the size of the police force seems clearly to be related to the events that followed Freddy Gray’s death — the riots during which Baltimore’s mayor, having talked about making space for “those who wish to destroy”, had the police stand down; the prosecution of six officers on charges that appear to be without merit; the wave of anti-police sentiment that politicians like prosecutor Marilyn Mosby have fueled and legitimized.
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie "Let them Riot" Rawlings-Blake won't be seeking re-election. Mosby can't get a conviction to save her life and is probably looking a future career options not involving the legal profession. Meanwhile, a shrinking police force is wary of engaging in active policing because they don't trust city leadership. The result? Baltimore residents, many of the victims poor and black, and going through hell -- and many of them aren't coming out alive.

Oddly enough, Black Lives Matter apparently doesn't care about these particular black lives.

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