Thursday, July 7, 2016

I have a theory

Donald F. Trump is trying to lose. He isn't stupid, he isn't insane, he's trying to lose. Trump, a lifelong Democrat, only ran for the Republican nomination because Bill Clinton, philanderer extraordinaire and the world's best liar, told him it would be a great idea. The result? Hillary! gets to run against the only Republican on the planet she could beat. Of course, Trump gets to run against the only Democrat on the planet he could beat, but that's a different post.

I think Trump is trying to lose for a number of reasons. He cannot possibly have actually expected to get this far, and at least one former Trump insider has said so. He would be genetically incapable of giving up control of his real estate empire, even if his daughter were running it for him. He would be on the phone to her daily and would wind up in legal hot water. Doubt me? He praised Britain's vote to exit the European Union while he was in Scotland. Why was he there? To visit his golf resort properties under development there. He scheduled no meetings with any British leaders. It was a purely business trip, probably unprecedented for a modern candidate for president.

He thinks he can win with big rallies and no data analysis. He has no ground game or fundraising apparatus to speak of. He went for weeks without a campaign appearance of any kind. He continually blasts members of his own party who don't offer to blow him on command. He says lots of crazy shit. He won't even commit to serving as president if elected.

Trump is very good at garnering headlines. All evidence is that he knows nothing of policy, has no principles, will say whatever comes into his head, has no problem issuing contradictory statements within hours of one another and all around is totally unserious when it comes to his approach to being a world leader. This jackhole has no intention of being president.

In fact, I will make a prediction: Donald F. Trump (yes, I know his middle name does not start with F, but Ace used that and I like it) will not accept the Republican nomination. He will make the delegates nominate him and then, on the final night in Cleveland, Trump will decline to accept. His ego won't let him lose, so he will refuse to accept the nomination, having won it, because he knows he cannot win in November.

How does he know that? He's making sure of it, every damn day. He will quit on his terms, and the country will pay the price under corrupticrat Hillary! The Republican Party will suffer, as well, but they brought that on themselves and get no sympathy from me. Perhaps a Conservative Party will arise from the ashes. But for now, I believe Trump will quit, and not give a damn about the turmoil he leaves in his wake.

What makes me think that? His ego won't let him lose, which he will do in November. He doesn't really want to be president, or he would act like it. Instead, he just keeps throwing crap against the wall and doesn't give a damn if it sticks. He didn't get where he is by being stupid or insane, he got there by being calculated. He built a brand, win or lose, and has made it pay off. Probably not as well as being actually good at business might have, but well enough. He is one of the world's great self-promoters.

And let's face it, this will make his next reality TV show an enormous hit.

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