Thursday, July 7, 2016

OK, here's a strange one

I get lots of odd search terms that lead people to this blog. The majority of search terms involve some form of the name of the blog, but I get a lot of porn and "naked babe" related searches, which explains why I use those terms as often as possible. Today, I got something completely different.

Someone found the blog searching for "anouk hoogendijk." I plugged that into Google Translate, and the translation was "Anouk Hoogendijk," although Google confirmed my suspicion that the language was Dutch. So I plugged "Anouk Hoogendijk" into regular old Google and got this:

Chick is a Dutch soccer player. I'm really not sure how that search led them here, as I have never heard of her before, much less mentioned her, and I don't think I have ever mention Dutch soccer, much less women's Dutch soccer. Perhaps her name translates as "hot babe," which would be appropriate under the circumstances.

Just sayin'.

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