Sunday, August 21, 2016

Farming, Part II

Having gone to The Farm last Saturday and mostly weeded, I went again last Sunday and mostly harvested. Since I went again yesterday and might again today, I figured I better get the second post from last weekend up before the next visit happens. Could get confusing otherwise.

With the hot, dry weather, the peppers have been busting:

The cucumbers are enjoying the heat considerably less:

The onions are ready to come out. Farmer Tom started on that:

The potatoes look good, but except where they have come out of the ground during weeding, we aren't harvesting yet:

And they do need weeding:

No really:

Farmer Tom did some weeding in one potato bed, which is why you see some potatoes in this bin, which is mostly full of our very good onion crop:

Harvested a bunch of peppers, too:

Tomatoes look great, as you will see in posts from this weekend, as do the carrots. Lots happening on The Farm, Time to put in fall crops.

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