Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Missing The Farm this week

I have to confess, I didn't make it to The Farm this weekend. I was working both days and just didn't have time. However, I did go last weekend, and still haven't managed to get those pictures up, so we have that. The onion crop is starting to produce:

The tomatoes are full of green fruit and by now probably are cranking it out. Really need to go by:

They do look good, don't they:

Yeah. Pretty good:

The peppers are having a monstrous year:


No, really:

Second bean crop looking good:

Jeb the Wonder Dog looking majestic, even as the carrots look awesome:

Garlic? Check:

Brussels sprouts? Probably not going to produce. Better luck with the fall crop:

Second garlic bed? Lame:

As you can see, the brussels sprouts are putting out something, but the heat is getting in the way. No harvest here, I think:

The first bean crop is about done:

The green onions and beans 1.5 look good:

Probably time to take all the onions out:

Zukes, cukes and squash look good:



Spuds, holding up under the heat wave:

Both beds:

Harvested some beans, peppers, tomato in addition to the onions:

Really need to get back over there. Farmer Tom is probably eating everything.

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