Sunday, August 14, 2016

I went to The Farm yesterday and damn near died

It was somewhere in the mid to upper 90s, and the heat index was 119, which I assume is really bad, because I fucking near fell out. It was hot, people.

Naturally, peppers love the heat. I don't even know what kind these are, but they are tiny and they are very hot. I assume that when then turn red, they'll be even hotter:

These guys are hot, too, and many are ready to harvest:

Still turning red with these bad boys, who are a little sweeter:

Third-generation beans are doing well:

The old peas bed needs to be weeded and hoed:

The carrots are cranking along:

Garlic bed No. 2 is doing OK:

This bed needs to be weeded an hoed:

So does this one:

This is garlic bed No. 2, which looks like shit and is hiding a secret:

The first crop of brussels sprouts is not looking good:

The first generation of beans is pretty much done. Time to pull, weed and hoe:

The second generation beans are doing fine, as are the green onions:

So, after weeding and hoeing some of the beds, looking better:

Like I said:

Harvested some beans, habaneros, garlic and -- the big surprise from Garlic Bed No. 1 -- some onions. Home Depot sold me some garlic seeds that were onions. Fuckers:

Also brought in some tomatoes:

And squash and zucchini:

The squash and zucchini bed is looking burned out, though, so this might be the last of the harvest from there:

I did a lot of weeding yesterday. It was hotter than the hinges. Mrs. Wolves came along, but she spent her time in the neighbor's pool. Not exactly a team-building exercise. More to come from my visit today.

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