Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Temps who wonder why firms and agencies don't trust us need to just stop. Now.

The project I am on is OK. Not great, just OK. We should start getting overtime soon, but until then, just OK. We started a week ago Monday, and another group started Thursday. We are allowed to get 40 hours in 4 days while we have no overtime, which is what makes this project OK. That is not the point of this post.

The majority of the male contract attorneys are living proof of why temps are not regarded as professionals, or even particularly trustworthy. Practically everyone who started Thursday, and a significant number of people who started at the beginning of the project, dress like they are headed to or from the beach or the gym. Many of the rest look like they are homeless. This is on a project where the dress code is ostensibly "business casual." That dress code supposedly doesn't even allow nice jeans. Forget that shit.

The women seem to be dressing professionally. The men? Not even close. Gym shorts, tee shirts, torn-up jeans, whatever. They look like the guy on the corner this morning who shouted at me, "Hey, Jack Nicholson? Got any spare change?" For the record, I don't look even a little like Jack Nicholson, young or old. I was wearing sunglasses. I guess that is enough of a resemblance for your average homeless guy. Many of who appear to be on my current project.

So, my message to temps in this town is, stop wondering why you get no respect. Too many of your fellow temps prove you don't deserve it.

I have suggested before that it is stupid to make temps wear suits on the first day of a project. It is. It is not, however, stupid to expect temps to dress like professionals. More importantly, if the dress code states that the requirement is business casual, then you should dress that way. The fact that the agency isn't enforcing it reflects poorly on the agency. No need to make things reflect poorly on you, and temps in general. I am, apparently, the Lone Ranger on this issue.

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