Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Of course our military isn't using it yet. It works really well

Why is one of our allies using this magnificent weapon before us? Too lethal, I guess:
Elite British Forces, operating covertly in Libya, have used a prototype weapon system known as "the Punisher" as they fight to liberate the city of Sirte from the Islamic State (Isis). The Sunday Times reported that the US-made, precision grenade launcher was used by the SAS in the North African nation, according to fighters who witnessed the attack.
One fighter, who is aligned with Libya's internationally recognised government of national accord, described how the British troops, dressed in Libyan fatigues and treated "like celebrities" by the militiamen fighting alongside them, had used the weapon to force IS (Daesh) to give up its position.
He said the barrage of grenades, which travelled a long distance and then exploded above IS fighters, kicked-off an hour-long firefight in Sirte, the hometown of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
It appeared the SAS troops knew where the IS positions were. They were reported to have chosen the snipers nest on the outskirts of the town, firing directly on the militants as they hid.
This is the XM-25, a new grenade launcher tested in Afghanistan that was so effective that the Army had a hard time getting units who were issued the weapons for testing to return them. Apparently, the British like them, too. Maybe the Army is finally getting off its ass about this one:
A report from Jane’s has stated that the U.S. Army is putting fiscal priority on the Counter Defilade Target Engagement XM25 Grenade Launcher in this upcoming year, thus underlining the degree to which the service is committed to getting this weapon standardized. We’ve been reporting on the 25mm XM25 program for a while now, and throughout previous years the Army has ramped up testing and evaluation of the grenade launcher back in the States.
An accident with the weapon delayed deployment,  That was kind of stupid. The weapon works, and it is a game changer for guys on the ground because of how it can jack up the enemy:
The weapon fires 25mm grenades that are designed to explode in mid-air, above or near its targets, by using a laser rangefinder that programs the grenades to detonate at a certain distance. The airburst explosion maximises the devastating force of the explosion, as none of it is soaked by the ground.
Basically, you can set your rangefinder on the car the enemy is hiding behind, set your grenade to explode a yard beyond that range, then fire away. Bingo! Your grenade explodes over the fuckheads you previously were unable to hit. This ruins their day. It also frequently kills them, which is the point.

Wouldn't want to harm the peaceful people trying to kill us, now would we?

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