Saturday, August 13, 2016

One bridge opens, another goes away

I've written about the bridge project on Ijamsville Road here and here. The county recently reached another milestone, completing the intersection after the bridge:

Still a lot of work to be done -- Ijamsville Road still is not fully open -- but I was more interested in the work that remains to be undone. Specifically, what is the status of the old bridge? The road leading to the old bridge still exists, sort of:

You can't drive on it, of course, but I walked down in the other day to see what is what. Near Bush Creek, which the old and new bridges span, was this chunk of pre-fab bridge:

Obviously, not all of the old bridge. A little more walking revealed the other half of the old bridge, still spanning Bush Creek:

A closer view of the half of the bridge still over the creek:

And another view:

I guess even this piece will soon be removed. We'll see, I suppose.

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