Wednesday, September 21, 2016

And Hillary! becomes a guaranteed laugh line -- for Democrats

Not sure it's fair since the laugh line came from Charlie Crist, former governor of Florida, former Republican, one-time independent and now a Democrat running for a House seat in Florida. The laughter was no doubt directed in part at Crist himself, who is such a whiny little bitch that he's become something of a joke in Florida (Crist left the Republican Party to become an independent when be lost the GOP Senate primary to Marco Rubio, then joined his true party and became a Democrat after he lost his independent bid to become governor again to Gov. Rick Scott (R). He's probably going to lose this race, too. Not sure what party he'll join then.

So Crist is a little bit of a joke himself. But it doesn't look good when the audience laughs because he refers to his party's presidential nominee as "honest:"

I don't think this sort of thing bodes well for Hillary! It doesn't mean she'll lose, but it does indicate that if she wins, she'll enter office with credibility that is a punchline. Thanks to Hot Air.

Update: The Hillary! forces continue to try and avoid embarrassment for their embarrassing candidate, so they get video pulled. Nothing like a little free speech. Well, fuck them:

Bon appetit.

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