Saturday, September 3, 2016


I guess this is at least as legitimate as whatever it is that drives policy decisions by Democrats. Still, elves?:
Reykjavik (AFP) - Iceland has been forced to bow to pressure from elves and uncover a supposedly enchanted elfin rock after highway workers accidentally buried it -- infuriating the mythical creatures, reports said Tuesday.
The angry elves were suspected of causing a series of mishaps after the rock was covered over when workers cleared away the debris from a landslide, the Morgunbladid daily reported.
OK, so now we're afraid of elves? I went to high school in Hawaii, and I knew people who thought that menehunes -- the Hawaiian equivalent of elves -- would mess things up if you didn't give them the proper respect. But I don't remember anything like this:
Sveinn Zophoniasson, who works for the Bass road construction company, told the paper that his woes began in August 2015 in Siglufjordur, close to the site of the so-called "elfin lady stone" that was covered with earth following efforts to cleat a mudslide from a highway.
After the landslide was cleared, the road was subsequently flooded and a colleague of Zophoniasson who came to clear the route was injured. Then industrial machinery began to fail and a journalist who came to cover the growing chaos fell into a mud pool and had to be pulled to safety.
"Nobody even thought of the rock," even though the area is regarded as a sacred place in local folklore, said Zophoniasson.
The decision was made that the Iceland Road Administration would unearth the rock -- an artefact according to a 2012 law to protect Iceland's elfin heritage -- and it was subsequently cleaned with a pressure washer last week.
Just, wow. Don't fuck with elves, right?

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