Thursday, September 15, 2016

OK, I'm open to the possibility that she's not fine

I get it. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there about Hillary Clinton's health. I'm sure most of them are not true, but there are a lot of wild theories out there. Maybe there wouldn't be if she didn't lie about everything, including her health -- and, lately, especially about her health. This past weekend, while at a ceremony in New York commemorating the 9/11 terrorist attack, she once again had a public episode that calls her health into question:
A frail-looking Hillary Clinton collapsed during the 9/11 memorial service in lower Manhattan on Sunday morning — prompting Secret Service agents to grab her arms to prop her up and help her into a campaign van.
The 68-year-old Democratic nominee appeared to fall ill while standing amid other politicians shortly before a moment of silence at 9:58 a.m., sources told The Post.
Videos posted online showed a wobbly Clinton leaning against a metal bollard on the perimeter of the memorial plaza. Secret Service agents grabbed hold of both her arms as she swayed and stumbled off the sidewalk along West Street.
Naturally, bystanders got video of the event,. You can see that she is being held up while waiting for the van, and then collapses when she starts toward the van:

There are blogs that have been following this for a while now. Like this:

A lot of this is likely horseshit, but there is no doubt that her campaign lied like a cheap rug about her health in recent days. Their explanation of why she collapsed kept changing, and ultimately it because clear that, if you believe the pneumonia explanation, they lied about that, too, by keeping it secret and blaming Hillary's Sunday collapse on "overheating" on a mild September day in New York. Look, Hillary! lies because that's what she does.

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