Sunday, September 25, 2016

Game food, but not

We went off-site today to watch the game with Married Into Wolves. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings (not paid for the plug, but not opposed to a little gratuity, if B-dubs is listening) for the Packers' 1 pm game. Still haven't bought the NFL's Game Pass or whatever they call it, and no more DirecTV, so I am filling in at the moment.

So, I didn't make game food. Sorry. If it helps, and you've been to BWW, we had the sampler (onion rings, boneless wings, nachos), some wings, potato wedges and popcorn shrimp. Yeah, food coma afterwards. Great food, and we had the perfect booth -- game on a screen in front of me and behind, so Mrs. Wolves and I could watch one and Married Into Wolves could watch the other. And, of course, we had a glorious victory at home over the hated Lions. We looked great (I can say we, as I own two shares of the Packers) in the first half, and then we looked like we were clock-killing pretty much the entire second half. It was enough, though.

As for my lack of posting, the current gig is killing me. I have a lot of backed-up content on all manner of things. I'll get there, I guess. Hell, I don't even get to The Farm every weekend. No posting leads to bad traffic, and numbers are way down. I promise to try and do better.

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