Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kinda wish I'd been a little more vulture-like

Sunday, as I was driving to The Farm, on the way out of my neighborhood I passed three sheriff's deputies' cars, all on the right shoulder, lights flashing, with a tow truck behind them. They were right in front of the elementary school. I didn't think much of it and went about my business.

Could be I missed something worth seeing. On my way home from The Farm, I noticed that the chain link fence next to the elementary school seemed to be damaged. The fence surrounds a storm run-off drainage pond:

Upon closer examination, I could clearly see tire tracks leading to -- or from -- the drainage pond. It also appeared that, at the far left of the picture, something had entered the pond, damaging the flora growing there:

Here's a closer look:

There also were drag marks/tire tracks that led straight back up the hill from a second spot on the pond shore that looked damaged, maybe as if a vehicle had been dragged up the hill from the pond:

It seemed clear to me that a vehicle had somehow driven into the storm runoff pond. Lord knows, I don't know how, but it would seem that one did. I only wish I were more of a rubber-necker. Might have gotten some pictures of a car in the pond. Oh, well.

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