Monday, September 12, 2016

So much farming, so little time

Actually, not farming all that much lately, just dealing with the produce is killing me. I am finally on a good overtime project, working six days a week -- I'd be working seven, but it is football season, people -- so The Farm is getting less attention than normal. Fortunately, all The Farm is doing at the moment is cranking out peppers, tomatoes, carrots and beans. I stop by, harvest some stuff, and go about my business. Maybe water something. Anyway, last week I harvested a butt-load of tomatoes:

Farmer Tom planted a bunch of lettuce where the onions were:

The cucumbers were putting out seed pods, not fruit. Must have missed on pollination:

On the other hand, the potatoes continue to thrive. Probably harvest those in October:

\Farmer Tom has been eating the living shit out of the carrots. I really need to harvest more of them, but he has the advantage of actually living there. Still, lots of carrots still in the ground. And I did manage to get some:

New bean crop coming in nicely:

Got me a few of the last onions:

The hot, mostly dry weather has been great for peppers:

No, really:

Did kind of a drive-by this weekend at The Farm. Farmer Tom put in some kohlrabi and some other cold-weather crops after he bought a whole bunch of heirloom seeds. Next year should be interesting. As it is, we are waiting on still more beans, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, kohlrabi and God knows what else. Lots of farming still ahead.

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