Wednesday, September 28, 2016

So, we went to the fair

We didn't really go to the fair, though. We went Friday, primarily to see Foreigner play (more on that later). I wanted to see Jake Owen Saturday night, but Mrs. Wolves wanted to see Foreigner, so I put in my bid for husband of the year and we saw Foreigner (more on that later). Anyway, Friday was a workday for me (obviously), but I took off early, contributing to my husband of the year cred. Alas, Friday was what we like to refer to as "hot as fuck," so going to the fair while the sun was still high in the sky was a losing proposition. So we didn't, going at twilight only a bit before the concert started. So I didn't get to see the animals and all the other farm stuff I love about the county fair.

However, we did get to see a pretty good amount of the competition exhibitions. Or at least, I did, since much of this stuff was in the building that housed the bathroom that Mrs. Wolves needed to use, and the line for the women's restroom was long and slow. The men's room was quick and easy, so I went about the exhibit hall, seeing what there was to see. Like cookies:

And what I guess was artwork:

And the ever-popular bugs-pinned-to-a-styrofoam-base:

I got to wander around outside for a bit. Good to know that fair food is just as lethal as always:

Went back inside the exhibition hall, still waiting for Mrs. Wolves to reach Nirvana. More artwork:

Saw some more baked goods, too. Not sure what these were. Muffins and ring cakes, looked like:

I didn't know this was a category, but there was a doll competition:

No, really:

I did learn one thing that had never really occurred to me. The baked goods are submitted before the fair starts, so the judges have time to evaluate all the goods. Not sure how long, but more than a week before the fair starts. The fair then runs for about 10 days. That's why all the cakes are cut in half. The judges taste one half, and the other goes on display with its ribbon. Hard to tell from this picture, but by late in the fair (the fair ended two days after we went) those cakes and what not are getting stale and moldy:

Unless, of course, they are seriously coated in funk-proof materials, like icing and sour gummy worms:

Anyway, lots of cakes on display:

I also enjoyed looking at the canned goods, which, technically, are actually jarred. I should enter next year:

Really, didn't see how the judges could decide. Do they open one and test it? I don't know, but the jarred goods that I also jar looked just like mine. Maybe I could kick ass at the fair next year:

Not in the quilts category, though:

At this point, Mrs. Wolves emerged from the eternal restroom line, and we went to see Foreigner. More on that later.

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