Sunday, April 23, 2017

A.J. Hawk retires as a Packer

I think that's a good thing. Sure, he played for a couple other teams late in his career, but he put in nine solid years as a starter for the Pack after we took him fifth overall in 2006. Not great in pass coverage, but a solid player in the middle otherwise and a sure tackle -- he ranks first in franchise history with 1,118 tackles.

I guess he signed a one-day contract with Green Bay so he could retire as a Packer after playing for the Bengals and the Falcons the last two years. Not uncommon. I'm just glad he wanted to go out a Packer.

Thanks, A.J. Enjoy retirement, and never fail to knock that Super Bowl ring on the table at Thanksgiving, so your brother-in-law, Brady Quinn, can cuss under his breath.

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