Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sick in Temp Town

Started a new project today, as I mentioned previously, and right away one of the hot-button topics of Temp Town came up. One of the women sitting near me is sneezing and blowing her nose constantly, yet saying she is not sick -- it's "just a runny nose." Her friend, sitting next to her, keeps saying that when she is sick, she stays home so she won't get other people sick. This is the age-old Temp Town argument -- stay home and lose money, or go to work, make the money, and maybe make other people sick.

Most temps opt for the money. I don't view it like that, and after listening to these two women for a while, plus another temp or two who chimed in, I gave what I view as the final pronouncement, which took a totally different approach:

"So I'm supposed to stay home when I'm sick and let my family get sick? But I actually like them. I'm going to go to work and get a bunch of strangers sick instead."

The truth hurts, baby.

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