Monday, April 3, 2017

Yeah, we can do stupid emails from management again

As many of you noticed, in December I abruptly removed a number of "actual emails from management" posts. Apparently, someone on the project was trying to use these posts somehow to get me fired. Anyway, better safe than sorry, so I took those posts down. It doesn't mean the stupid emails stopped. And since I don't work there anymore, I can post about the stupidity again and not worry about getting fired earlier than I would be anyway (you always get fired. It's how Temp Town works.)

In reading this email, it is worth knowing that our project was on the fifth floor, while the agency's corporate offices are on the third floor, Without further ado, I share this particular email, along with some information the agency declined to share:
Please keep in mind that the 3rd floor restrooms are meant to be used as a last resort only if the restrooms on the 5th floor are fully occupied. In other words, please check to see if the 5th floor restrooms are full before going to the 3rd floor. Also, it is especially vital that we keep the 3rd floor restrooms clean, so please make sure that you do not leave any paper products on the floor. The 3rd floor restrooms are shared by two other building tenants, and there have been some complaints from them about overcrowding and the restrooms being left in disarray. Our fear is that if the situation does not improve rapidly, the building management will see no other choice than to lock the 3rd floor restrooms, which would cut off the 5th floor’s access to them entirely.
This email came out after an incident in which someone apparently smeared poo on the walls of the women's restroom. I'm sure that if Picasso did fingerpainting in shit, it would have been called Poocasso. I don't think this rose to that level. Left unsaid in this email, or any future emails? Right after we got this email, someone took a dump on the floor of the third-floor bathroom, and the building promptly required a key for entry to said bathroom. Funny how that works. right?

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