Monday, April 3, 2017

Odoriferous? Really?

We got several email about stinky food. The first said don't eat stinky food. The second said please don't take stinky food out of the kitchen. After both of those emails were ignored, we go this one:
Good Afternoon,
Just a reminder that if you are going to be eating any foods that may be odoriferous (any kind of fish, cabbage, broccoli, etc.) please try to eat those foods in the kitchen area so as not to disturb the other people sitting in your room. We are all sharing offices with other people and what may be pleasing to you may not be pleasing to your neighbor so please be mindful of that.
Additionally please throw out any unwanted/excess food in the kitchen garbage cans not in the garbage cans in your room. The kitchen garbage cans are emptied much more frequently and food thrown out in your room may result in a lingering odor.

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