Sunday, April 16, 2017

No shit, I put him to work

Having used Minnesota Wolves as labor to clean up my own house, I decided I should take him to The Farm and put him to work there, too. Naturally, I enlisted Cpl. Wolves, as well. Since we needed to dig two new beds to house the squash and the cucumbers, I decided I didn't want to dig those. Hmmm, what to do? Enlist young strong backs and weak minds, of course. Fortunately, they were willing:

They stripped the sod from two new beds:

Really, much faster than I expected:

I'm not saying they liked me for it:

I tilled one, then Farmer Tom tilled the other:

Naturally, I surveyed the progress of the early crops. Here we have some kale:

This is something like kale that isn't kale. Fuck if I know:



And the newly created beds (they look they same, so I just took one picture. I mean, really):

Those boys worked like field hands. Seriously, why else do you have sons?

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