Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Birthday party

Naturally, Minnesota Wolves didn't just decide to come to Maryland from Minnesota for no particular reason. He came for his 22nd birthday. Naturally, we held a birthday party at Chez Wolves. A number of family friends came over, and a good time was had by all. The highlight, though, was when the birthday boy cut the cake. Instead of just making the first slice, he went all in. As they say, hilarity ensued. The birthday boy was relaxed:

Then he was asked to cut the cake:

 Instead of simply making the first slice and deferring to more experienced cake-cutters, he kept going:

Things got ugly:

Really ugly:

Several more experienced people there -- his mother, his sister-in-law -- tried to salvage the cutting job, to no avail:

No, really:

So we just ate it:

The cake looked like the victim of a shark attack:

Fortunately, it tasted great, and everyone enjoyed it. Later, we burned a lot of wood and didn't really care what the cake looked like:

Life was good.

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