Sunday, April 16, 2017

Minnesota Wolves visited last week, and I put him to work

Minnesota Wolves came for a week for his birthday last week. I picked him up at BWI Sunday night (really, Monday morning) and we went from there. Monday, I put him to work. Mrs. Wolves wanted some kind of mildew-removing shit sprayed all over the damn place, so Minnesota Wolves got the call. He didn't seem to mind:

I made him do all the ground level stuff:

It worked pretty well. Always good to see the boy earning his keep:

I did the aerial stuff -- the second- and third-story shit -- since if I fell off the ladder and died, I would lose fewer years than him. It all worked out OK, though. Meaning I didn't die. We were just a couple men at work, leading to this:

More about his visit coming.

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