Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Existential crisis

As regular readers have noticed, I have not been posting as much in recent months. Nowhere near as much, in fact. Not everyone considers this a bad thing, but the purpose of a blog is to post, and I have not been doing so. It has not been for lack of time, either. I had considerable down time over a span of about two months where I was mostly unemployed. One might think a guy with nothing else to do could post more.

Which brings us to the problem. This blog was started to comment on the foibles of Temp Town, and perhaps to shed a little light for outsiders on what it is like to exist in Temp Town. Unfortunately, nothing can compare to the shit show that was the project that gave birth to this blog, and so, gradually over time, the posts about Temp Town have become less frequent and, frankly, less interesting. It is increasingly difficult to find new things to say about Temp Town -- short version, it sucks and lots of crazy people are here -- and it is even hard to say old things about Temp Town without sounding like a cranky old man. Which I seem to be.

On the flip side, without Temp Town, why is this blog here? Sure, I do food porn, and game food porn during football season, and I do politics (much to the chagrin, no doubt, of the mostly liberal members of Temp Town who read this blog -- all five of them), but lots of blogs do those things, and almost all of them do them better. I sometimes do military stuff. Again, so do lots of blogs, and most of them better.

So why am I here? Should I continue. Most of my visits are probably porn-seeking spambots who come by because I say "fuck" a lot. No, really, I say "fuck" a lot on this blog. If you doubt me, search for "fuck" on this blog. I say "fuck" a lot. But fuck that. Who fucking cares?

Anyway, I'm thinking of quitting. Would anyone care? Would I?

This doesn't mean I'm quitting, or even that I'll quit in the absence of a massive show of support. I don't expect that to happen. It just means I'm not sure what I'm doing or where this blog is going.


Anonymous said...

I ended up quitting my blog for much the same reason - I had a few cop stories to tell, and when it got repetitive or boring, I didn't see the point any longer. (There was also a strong element of not wanting to dwell on the past, as my life really got turned upside down in a short time. My life is very different now, and a whole lot more boring).

However - you must have *some* stories to tell, still. Don't quit just yet. I visit the blog daily, just to see if there's something new, and I don't expect daily posts. Sporadic updates are fine - I, for one, will keep coming back even if you only post once every few months.


Cat said...

I'd miss you if you stopped blogging...