Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Strange doings on my latest gig

Today, out of the blue, we got moved from one floor of this agency's review space to another floor -- this one in the basement. Basements, of course, are never good, but often it is hard to tell a basement review space from the windowless above-ground review spaces we often get, so that part didn't bother me much.

However, I had a great seat in our old space -- end of the row, so only one person next to me, away from the prying eyes of associates and staff attorneys, and just generally quiet. Worked for me. You hate to give up a seat like that.

Thankfully, I got an equally good seat down in the basement, despite the chaotic nature of the move. So I'm happy with the seat part. And let's face it, as a temp, all you have is your seat.

This, alas, brings us to why they moved us. The basement space is larger, and tomorrow a horde of new temps are joining the project. I don't know how big of a horde, but my guess is about 50. They've been bitching to us for more than a week about an interim production deadline and how we are going too slow to meet it. They already expanded the hours for this week -- a lot. Now, they are adding people. We keep getting assurances that we are "nowhere near" the end of this project, but I am a firm believer in Rule No. 1: They're lying.

I figure we have two weeks to go, three max. Obviously, most temps consider that to be pretty close, not "nowhere near." Agencies and temps have a very different view of what constitutes "nowhere near." For agencies, it means "not tomorrow." For temps it means "many weeks, maybe months away." Unfortunately, temps don't get to define the terms. Yeah, I'm already looking for a gig starting in the next week or two.

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