Saturday, July 8, 2017

If this is a model employee from Syria, I am totes in favor of letting fucking none of them in

It would appear that a German hairdressing shop recently hired a Syrian "refugee" as a hairdresser. Stylist. Whatever. Everybody thought that was grand. What a fine example of how these "refugees" could blend into German society.

On Wednesday, Herzberg (Elbe-Elster) suffered a horror. A hairdresser was attacked and severely injured by her Syrian employee.
It was regarded as a model for a successful integration. The Syrian Mohammad H. (39), a hairdresser's master from his homeland, had found a new life and work in Herzberg. He was valued and popular in the hair salon of Ilona F. (64). All the more puzzling, what happened yesterday on Wednesday.
As the prosecutor's office in Cottbus confirms, Mohammad H. went off at about 6.30 pm with a knife on his boss and injured this in the neck area. Another Syrian (22) intervened and "prevented so much worse," as Gernot Bantleon, chief of state, reported. What was the trigger for the attack is still unclear from the perspective of the prosecutor's office. The investigations are running.
I got to tell you, if this is a model integration of Middle East refugees, I have no problem with never letting a single one into this country.

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