Saturday, July 8, 2017

Squatter or hired help?

So, we have a groundhog who lives under our neighbor's shed and spends most of his time in our back yard. On the one hand, he eats a lot of the clover that grows in our back yard. On the other hand, between the groundhog and the bunny that lives in our back yard, I am not allowed to mow, so I hope they both eat the living fuck out of the grass back there.

Ad it turns out, the groundhog might be willing to help me out. He certainly seems interested in the lawn mower:

I mean, really interested:

Sure, he wants to look around for threats, but that's only natural for a groundhog:

But once he feels safe, he's interested in the mower:

Really interested:

It's almost like he's riding a motorcycle or something. If he's ready to help mow the grass, I'm ready to let him.

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