Friday, July 21, 2017

Farming catch-up

Went farming a couple weeks ago and am just now getting the pictures up. Yeah, call me a slacker.

Anyway, Farmer Tom finally relented, and we put some corn in the bed where we harvested potatoes a few weeks ago. That corn is up:

The tomatoes are doing great. We just have to keep the deer away. Bambi must die:

We have four staggered bean crops in, planted a week or two apart. The first bean crop is doing well:

More been crops follow:

Against all odds, the kale and Swiss chard are enduring the summer heat and still producing:

And the okra looks good:

Lots of pods forming:

Busting it, as you can see:

The peppers are starting to produce:

We put in pole beans a bit ago, and they are getting ready to climb:

Squash seems to be getting ready:

Farmer Tom put in a number of sunflower plants, which have survived deer attacks and are approaching seed-readiness:

Did I mention the tomatoes are doing OK? Good, because they are:

Harvested some squash and zukes. Bread coming:

Also harvested some onions. Got red, white and yellow in there:

All in all, The Farm is doing well so far this summer. We'll see how things go from here.

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