Monday, July 3, 2017

The more things change, the more they stay the same

This might be a new project, but the things we are being ragged about are the same old shit we hear about on every project. Does any of this sound familiar? Yeah, I think so:
I am writing to everyone to address a few housekeeping items, PLEASE READ these as I would like to not have to police the group or send multiple emails regarding these topics throughout the project as it gets repetitive, nagging and exhausting.
REMINDER:: You are in a SHARED workspace.
Refrain from doing the following (to ease any olfactory distress of your coworkers):
Spraying any sort of smelling products into the air within the workspace (use the restroom or outside)
Wearing excessive perfume/cologne (remember, everyone may not have the same sensory enjoyment as you)
Cooking malodorous foods in our shared kitchen
Eating malodorous foods at the desk
Taking your shoes off at your desk
Please also note that, since this is a shared work space, keep your conversations to a low tone and minimum within the space, as it can get distracting for the people around you.
Should you need to take a phone call, DO NOT take calls in the hallway or lobby outside the suite. This disrupts the other businesses that we share a floor with. Please step outside the building to make calls. Thank you.
Be completely cognizant of your surroundings, please keep the personal items on your desk within YOUR personal space—please be spatially aware when you are expanding into your neighbor’s space as it is not conducive to a tension-free working environment for the whole.
Lastly, and this SHOULD BE common sense, but it has been requested to review the dress code requirements to the space. I know it is getting warm, but PLEASE adhere to the dress code set forth in our TPI Handbook. You all received this handbook with your onboarding email. For your reference, should you need it, please refer to Page 22 on the section titled “Personal Appearance.”
Thank you for reading this ENTIRE message all the way through.
Yes, I provided the entire email, because I think it is informative.I think I have received an email like this on pretty much every project I've ever been on. These are the things people complain about, and these are the things that people keep doing regardless of how much people complain or agencies tell them not to do these things. The people doing these things don't fucking care if they are offending other people, or pissing people off, or whatever. It's part of why they are in Temp Town. They have no clue that what they are doing makes other people unhappy. Which is why these emails have no effect.

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