Saturday, July 1, 2017

Whole lotta farming

I have been to The Farm multiple times in the last couple weeks and, while I took pictures, I have been remiss in updating Farm activity. There has been quite a bit. This won't be chronological, really, but it should be reasonably comprehensive. I will start with the garlic bed. The garlic was et up with weeds, and the parsnips -- volunteers from last season's winter crops -- were ready to harvest:

Farmer Tom harvested the parsnips and gave them away. I weeded the crap out of the garlic and that bed was left looking like this:

Not sure what happens next there. Next, we move to the okra, which needed major weeding:

I weeded it, and planted seeds in the gaps. First time for okra on The Farm, so we'll see what happens.

Thwe peppers are doing well:

The carrots are doing quite well:

Kale and Swiss chard continue to produce, far outliving the expectations for these winter crops:

The peas have produced well. Last weekend, I harvested all of them, pulled the plants and took down the string trellis. This is part of the transition from cold-weather crops to summer crops:

Also harvested the last of the broccolinis, then pulled out the plants:

Same for the head lettuce and cauliflower:

The first bean bed obviously needed weeding:

So, I weeded it:

The second bean bed is doing well:

The broccolinis in back came out; the leaf lettuce in front continues to produce:

Not sure what to put in the back of this half-bed:

 Squash and zucchini are going well:

And, of course, I harvested a ton of leaf lettuce, head lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, cauliflower and broccolinis:

All of the ripping out of plants provides a great deal of material for the compost heap:

One of the things we did was put up a couple more overhead racks on the newer beds:

The racks will allow us to install overhead irrigation and, when called for, put up string trellises. Good stuff. Naturally, Jeb the Wonder Dog oversaw all of this activity from a shady spot:

 Going to The Farm tomorrow, so we'll have an update then.

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