Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Farm omnibus edition

I went to The Farm several times over the July 4th weekend, as I was off Monday and Tuesday. Did a lot of weeding, watering and harvesting. First of all, the crops are doing well. The peppers are getting big:

The okra, on the left, is booming, while the leaf lettuce on the right continues to produce well beyond expectations:

The bean crops -- we have three staggered plantings at this point, with more to come -- are busting:

As you can see:

The carrots are at the point where thinning them yields edible-size carrots:

And the kale and Swiss chard continue to produce, also beyond seasonal expectations:

Unfortunately, deer discovered the tomato plants and may have set expectations back a bit:

I also planted more garlic. Alas, the bed I wanted to use looked like this:

Yes, those are weeds. When I finished weeding and planting, it looked like this:

We also did a pretty good amount of harvesting over the holiday weekend, as the summer crops are starting to produce some early results. The first potato bed -- we have two, planted a few weeks apart -- produced early results. The plants were browning. We thought they were sick, so we harvested, with surprisingly good results for so early in the potato season:

The second bed looks very healthy and should be ready for harvest in August. We also had some early representation by the squash bed:

All the peas are in and harvested, and it was not a bad showing:

The first of the beans also came in:

Still getting leaf lettuce:

And kale:

Thinning the carrot bed continues to yield edible size carrots.

I'll be back at The Farm in a couple days. Lots of thunderstorms watered the crops, so we should see more good results.

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